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A Walk Across Michigan

A Walk Across Michigan

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“Hey! ----Aren't you supposed to be working?!”

And yet, here you are searching for another good book to read ---among the hiking books of all places.  

Have you ever thought about going on a backpacking adventure, like all the people who through-hike the Appalachian Trail?  Me too.

Do you read books like:

A Walk in the Woods (Bill Bryson)

Awol on the Appalachian Trail (David Miller)

Wild (Cheryl Strayed)

Me too.  

Are you searching for a long term hike as  a way to get back to Nature to heal your soul? Good luck!  I don't think your boss will give you 6 months off work to go do that.  

That's why I wrote the book, A Walk Across Michigan: Hiking the Michigan Shore-to-Shore Riding and Hiking Trail.  

It's an interactive virtual hike across scenic Michigan, with creative and fascinating historical detours. A school teacher/librarian/administrator takes you on a 19-day trek from Lake Huron to Lake Michigan on the Michigan Shore-to-Shore Trail. And you can come along from the comfort of wherever you read. There's adventure, and horror, and mystery, and thrills, and romance, and sex on the beach (ok, not really,--but there is a steamy section about food at Joe's Friendly Tavern!)

Lace up those hiking boots and let's get to it!


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