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The Journey Begins . . .

I told him I would go anywhere.

He had already promised that he would not take me to the Middle East; too unstable, too demeaning to women. I also don't believe he was very interested in India either --- too hot and he loves steak!  

But when my husband called from a job fair saying that he had been offered a teaching job in Qingdao, China, and he was seriously considering it, my response was a supportive, "Really?! Okay?! Tell me about it!"

My mind on the other hand went racing to all the video clips in my brain I had of a communist country in revolution, all in their pajama suits, marching in a row, stoic faces of an oppressed people.

They imprisoned missionaries and we are Christians.They lit Tibetan monks on fire. They killed millions of their own people. Is Mao still in power? Mao is dead right?! When did the communist revolution excuse me... the Cultural Revolution happen? Wasn't it in my lifetime, just a few years ago? Is it safe for Americans?

Yeah, all those questions and more ran through my mind!

But the truth is it has been 50 years since China became the evil country most of us senior citizen Americans remember.  And, even the iconic standoff between the tank and the flower in Tianamen Square in 1989 has been almost 30 years. Underneath it all, China is still a Communist country. But China is changing. And, although Chairman Xi Jin Ping is considered a hard line Communist, he appears to be a benevolent dictator and has allowed, even welcomed, the West, including the U.S. to help China become a modern country and a global leader.

China is still considered a developing country, but with the growth in manufacturing and more recently technology, China's cities now rival any cities in the Western World.

Almost....and the almost was what I was afraid of. But the job, the school, the director and the principal all seemed to be a perfect fit.  

So it was decided that China would be the place to cross off one more thing on the bucket live in another culture.  

Here we to all.  Sherpa Kate